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How to Subscribe to Bright Future PDF Print Email this article
Written by Paul Collins   
Wednesday, Apr 12, 2006

Using an RSS reader, you can subscribe to Bright Future's blog and articles. You can also subscribe to our Podcast.

An easy way to subscribe to the blog and articles is through a web-based RSS reader such as Google Reader. Sign up on their site (free, account required), click on "Add subscription," right-click the RSS link above to copy it, and paste it into the "Add Subscription" field.

Or, install RSS reader software on your Windows PC, such as FeedReader (free) or FeedDemon (commercial). On Mac OS X 10.4 ("Tiger") or later, use Safari: just click on the above RSS link to see the feed, then bookmark it. All versions of OS X can use NetNewsWire (commercial). RSS reader reviews

To subscribe to the blog and articles, copy the "Bright Future RSS" link and paste it into your reader (If you prefer a different flavor than RSS 2.0, see the syndication table at left).

To subscribe to the podcast with iTunes, install iTunes for Mac or Windows , then click "Subscribe with iTunes" above.

What is RSS? It is a widely-used system for skimming through the latest content from web sites. To use it, you get the URL (address) of an RSS file, usually by right-clicking an "RSS" button. You put that address into RSS reader software (either a program you have or a web site itself).  The RSS reader automatically checks for new content (blog entries, articles, podcasts, etc.) periodically. Anytime you look at the RSS reader (or web site), it displays a count of new items since you last read them. You can display the headlines of the items, and then click-through to read the full story on the original site. By building up your own list of sites' RSS "feeds" you are interested in, you can keep up to date without surfing to all the sites all the time. Since it doesn't use email, you don't have to give out any contact information to the site.

How it works: The RSS file is a list of headlines and links to items (blog entries, audio, news articles, etc.), in a special format, XML, that RSS software understands. When there is new content, the web site adds an entry to the RSS file (there are often hundreds of entries in the file). Meanwhile, on your home computer (or at an RSS reader web site), your RSS program downloads the updated RSS files from all the sites you have told it about. It keeps track of which lists you have viewed and which items have been added since you last viewed the list.

"Feed" just refers to the fact that there's a continually updated list of items (articles, etc.) in the RSS file that gets picked up by your RSS reader.  So it is a stream of items coming from the web site to you. RSS feeds are used by news portals (like Yahoo) to display news headlines from other sites.

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