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This Is Not A Drill - Energy, Renewable, Climate Change PDF Print Email this article
Written by Randy Bisenz   
Friday, Aug 21, 2009
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This Is Not A Drill - Energy, Renewable, Climate Change
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Thirty years ago some really smart people began warning us about the emerging energy crisis and global warming.  These experts strongly recommended that our society immediately begin planning for these challenges and developing alternative ways of powering our culture.  

These brave souls were met with tremendous resistance from a host of politicians, business interests and journalists who poked fun at their predictions and warned of dire economic consequences if we followed their suggestions.  The critic’s favorite strategy was to insist that there simply was “not enough evidence” that these things were actually happening, and suggesting that “more research needs to be done” before we began to take any action. Any intelligent person who pays attention to what is going on, and reads a variety of news sources probably realizes that these thirty years of inaction have been disastrous environmentally and that our economies stand to suffer far more from our reluctance to act than they ever would have from steadily investing in the solutions to these challenges over the past 30 years.

It is time for the doubters and naysayers to wake up and smell the coffee – the majority of our population knows what is going on, and only the least aware and poorest educated audiences are still listening to their opinions.  The time for speculation and argument is past and it is now time for us to come together to solve these challenges with every resource at our disposal.  This is not a drill.  This is the great emergency that will dictate what kind of a future we will be living in the years ahead.

Recently, a number of knowledgeable and influential people have held press conferences and written articles to make sure we understand that we already are way behind, and if we do not act decisively now it will be too late.

A couple of weeks ago Nobuo Tanaka, the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency announced that society needs an “energy revolution” where we focus on conservation and the development of renewable energy to avoid shortages that could cripple our economy.

Leading NASA scientist and top Climate Change expert James Hansen told Congress last week “We’re toast if we don’t get on a very different path”.  He testified that at current levels of CO2 emissions we are headed towards a dramatic rise in sea levels, mass extinction, and a potential collapse of our ecosystem.

Even publications like US News and World Report are warning about the dangers of our dependency on oil.  Editor-In-Chief Mortimer Zuckerman published a piece entitled “The Energy Emergency” in which he calls oil “America’s Achilles heel”.  In it Zuckerman notes that big oil is diverting most of their record-breaking profits to enrich shareholders and spending little on increasing supply.

When oil industry representatives are asked how long it will take to significantly increase the domestic supply of oil if they are granted new drilling privileges and allowed to increase refining capacity most estimates are at least 5 and up to 10 years – we could build a lot of wind farms and solar panels in that same period of time...

Ironically, these same oil companies are only using a fraction of their existing land to drill for oil, yet they are still insisting that they need the right to expand off-shore drilling and begin exploiting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  Read America’s untapped oil to learn more.

We simply cannot wait for entrenched industry, special interests and slow-to-respond governmental officials to dictate our energy and environmental policies.  It is time to treat this crisis with respect and maturity and begin to switch over to energy production and use that is clean and sustainable.  Our economies and national security depend on it.  This is not a drill!

As I have stated many times before in this blog we could easily turn this emergency into the economic opportunity of the century.  Some very sharp people are beginning to tell us how we could make this happen.  At Fortune Magazine Small Business Editorial Director Brian Dumaine has been publishing a series of articles on the business opportunities that are arising to meet our energy crisis.

You can find links to several of Brian’s articles in our News Links section on the Bright Future home page.  I also highly recommend Brian’s book “The Plot to Save the Planet – How Visionary Entrepreneurs and Corporate Titians Are Creating Real Solutions to Global Warming”, which is available at bookstores and at Amazon online.

In closing I will leave you with the words of investment specialist John Doerr of cutting edge venture capital firm Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers as quoted on Brian’s website: “Green Tech is bigger than the Internet.  It could be the biggest economic opportunity of the twenty-first century”.  The time to take this to heart is now – This is not a drill!
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