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Resolving Religious Extremism by Bringing Together Opposing Groups PDF Print Email this article
Written by Bright Future Staff   
Monday, Jun 09, 2008

Problem:  Terrorism is usually associated with some form of religious extremism and religion is often used as the justification for terrorism.  Religious extremists tend to avoid contact with those who are from opposing religious belief systems.  This lack of contact with those they wish to hate makes it easier to see these people as sub-human, which makes it easier to justify killing them.  This technique of avoiding contact and defining as sub-human was used extensively by the Nazis to justify killing Jews in WWII.

Solution:  Bring together those with opposing religious points of view to work along side each other on a shared goal.  This “humanizes” the opposition and makes it difficult to maintain hateful attitudes once they get to know each other as fellow human beings.  This technique helps these opposing groups to see that they share more similarities than differences.

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