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Leading By Example Makes Progress On Poverty Aid PDF Print Email this article
Written by Bright Future Staff   
Wednesday, Jun 18, 2008

Problem:  Wealthy nations often make promises of aid to impoverished nations for publicity purposes and then lag on fulfilling these promises.

Solution:  Nations can lead by meeting and exceeding their commitments, which then puts pressure on other countries to meet their commitments.  Denmark and the Netherlands exceeded their commitments leading the way for a EU agreement to have all EU countries increase their poverty aid program.  This in turn puts pressure on other wealthy nations to increase their commitment.

The following article was reprinted from

Landmark Deal to Increase Aid to Poor Countries; U.S. Urged to Join In

by Abid Aslam

WASHINGTON - Activists are seeking to use a European breakthrough this week to turn up the heat on some of the world's richest countries to come up with money they promised decades ago in the global fight against poverty.

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