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UN Provides Leadership in Promoting Religious Tolerance PDF Print Email this article
Written by Bright Future Staff   
Saturday, Jun 28, 2008

Problem:  People with strong religious beliefs often become intolerant of those with opposing or different beliefs.  Unabated this intolerance can turn into hatred which becomes a motivation for violence against those with different beliefs.

Solution:  Promoting tolerance requires a commitment to tolerance.  The UN has adopted a landmark resolution to eliminate religious intolerance in all member countries.   The UN has recognized that relationship between religious intolerance and violence, and made a world-wide commitment to reduce and eliminate religious intolerance.

This article was reprinted from the website maintained by the UN:

Unlearning Intolerance

Elimination of All Forms of Religious Intolerance

Seeking Consensus Amid Differences

By Namrita Talwar

In a break from tradition, the General Assembly passed a resolution condemning anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and Christianophobia as part of a broader text against religious intolerance.

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Last Updated ( Friday, Jul 18, 2008 )
Personal Guidelines for Becoming More Tolerant PDF Print Email this article
Written by Bright Future Staff   
Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Problem:  Intolerance is usually the result of ignorance or a lack of experience with those who look or behave differently and hold different beliefs.  Intolerance can turn into hatred which becomes a motivation for violence.

Solution:  Learning more about differences increases tolerance.  Becoming willing to understand more about those who are different relieves intolerance.

This article was reprinted from personal

Teaching Tolerance - Dogs bark at people they do not know

By: Chuck Gallozzi

The title of this article comes from a saying of Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher (540?- 475? BC). He wasn't talking about dogs, but our tendency to fear and suspect strangers. When this fear solidifies, it is known as bigotry, prejudice, and intolerance, and it is the source of many problems in the world. I've written about tolerance in the past, but because the subject is important, I now wish to go into more detail. Why is it so important? Because it is the first step to enlightenment, or higher consciousness. If humanity is to survive, we need to do better; we need to be better; we need to act as enlightened beings. We begin our journey on the road to peace by becoming tolerant. Tolerance rests on the six pillars of unconditional acceptance, receptivity, humility, courage, serenity, and knowledge.

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Last Updated ( Friday, Jul 18, 2008 )

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