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Video Game Teaches Peaceful Diplomacy PDF Print Email this article
Written by Bright Future Staff   
Sunday, Jun 01, 2008

Problem:  Most of the media entertainment available to children shows conflict being resolved by violent means.  This is especially true for video games.  Players of these games spend most of their time in combat mode.  Seldom is there an opportunity  for children to learn about peaceful conflict resolution when they are being entertained.  This is important because minds tend to be more open and vulnerable when the individual is being entertained.

Solution:  A new video game called “Peacemaker” has become available that is specifically designed to teach a peaceful approach to conflict resolution.  Peacemaker is modeled around the Israeli Palestinian conflict which has the added benefit of bringing more awareness to one of the most important and pivotal conflicts in the world today.

The following materials are reprinted from

A Game About Peace

Video games are a revolutionary medium for entertainment and education. They transport players to new places and allow them to explore, experiment, and learn at their own pace. In the past, many games have dealt with conquest, war, and destruction. PeaceMaker, however, is a game for the future- a game which will teach the player that peace and cohabitation, not war and annihilation, are the real strategies worth fighting for.

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