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Public Interest Stimulates Movement to Green Buildings Methods PDF Print Email this article
Written by Bright Future Staff   
Tuesday, Jul 15, 2008

Problem:  Most buildings are very inefficient.  Huge amounts of energy and water are lost in operating most homes and businesses.

Solution:  Pubic interest in improving the efficiency of homes and businesses has created a movement toward Green Building methods.  As the public has become more interested local governments are creating incentives for developers to utilize Green Building methods.  New organizations have emerged within the construction industry encouraging the use of Green Building standards and giving awards and recognition to industry innovators and leaders making progress in the development of more efficient building methods.  Costs are dropping for this kind of construction as this segment of the construction industry grows.

The following article was reprinted from the Truthout website:

Green Revolution Sweeping the US Construction Industry

By Frank Greve
McClatchy Newspapers
Monday 11 December 2006

Aurora, Colorado - Rows of little plastic domes dot the roof of the new Wal-Mart Supercenter here, looking like a marching band of "Star Wars" R2-D2s.

Inside each dome, a trio of computer-aimed mirrors tracks the sun and bounces its light down a reflective shaft and through a milky white lens, illuminating the stockroom below.

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Last Updated ( Friday, Jul 18, 2008 )
Award Programs Encourage Innovation in Building Methods PDF Print Email this article
Written by Bright Future Staff   
Monday, Jun 09, 2008

Problem:  Developers tend to undervalue efficiency in the designs they use.  Usually efficiency measures are seen as costs rather than as benefits.  Consequently most buildings waste large amounts of the energy used to heat, cool and power households and commercial buildings.

Solution:  As more attention is given to companies that build structures that are efficient and environmentally friendly the more consumers and business owners are likely to chose there kinds of builders.  The creation of the Green Building Awards by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has initiated competition among builders to come up with designs and building methods that are more efficient and friendly to the environment.  The builders recognized below have come up with structures that exceed current building standards by a considerable margin.  These builders have proven that considerable progress can be made in the efficiency of the structures that are built using existing materials and technology.

"Their commitment to green building isn't just good for the environment, it is also a model for other builders, architects and programs to follow." 

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Last Updated ( Friday, Jul 18, 2008 )

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