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Ideological Campaigns Counter Terrorism PDF Print Email this article
Written by Bright Future Staff   
Monday, Jun 02, 2008

Problem:  Radical Islamic movements are continuing to declare war against the Western world.  The result of this is an ongoing recruitment of potential terrorists and plans to execute terrorist attacks.  Conventional combat and surveillance approaches to prevent these attacks are not sufficient to stop attacks from happening and tend to bolster ideological support for the growth of radical Islamic movements determined to attack Western targets.

Solution: The best way to prevent terrorism is at the ideological level.  Radical Islamic movements depend on the perception on the part of certain Muslim communities that the Western world is an evil empire intent on destroying Islamic values.  Radical Islamic clerics and terrorist operatives perpetuate this myth and preach that Westerners will destroy Islam unless Islam destroys ‘the infidels’ first.  Consistent presentation to these Muslim communities that the Western world not only accepts Islam, but also supports the right of its’ followers to live the values of the Islamic religion counters the destructive ideology perpetuated by the radical element within Islam.  One key to this program is to point out that these radical Islamic campaigns not only threaten Westerners, but also threaten Muslim communities as well.  To be fully successful such a program must be backed up with actions consistent with that message.

The article that follows points out that an ideological approach was a key solution to ending the “Cold War” between the Western world and the former Soviet Union.

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