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Simple Solution to Squash Global Warming PDF Print Email this article
Written by Ryan Rodgers   
Thursday, Aug 07, 2008

Global Warming is on everyone's mind these days and people are trying to come up with new technology and complex solutions to the problem.  KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid, or go back to basics.  Planting a simple tree, a natural carbon buffer, may be the best and easiest way to win the fight.

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Election Good for the Environment PDF Print Email this article
Written by Bright Future Staff   
Monday, Jul 07, 2008

Dear Sierra Club Supporter:

Looking at yesterday's election results, I can say unequivocally that the environment won a resounding victory -- a victory that thousands of Sierra Club staff, volunteers, and supporters worked hard to achieve.

America's voters made it clear that they want change and new leadership that will move our nation in a dramatically different direction. A big part of that demand for change is about enacting smart energy solutions that will decrease our dependence on oil, clean up our environment, curb global warming, and create jobs.

And candidates at all levels heard the people. Never before have so many candidates -- of both parties -- run on energy issues or shown such commitment to the development of new energy sources, policies, and practices.

Bottom line: Voters yesterday elected new local, state, and national leaders who are ready to take us forward.

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Last Updated ( Friday, Jul 18, 2008 )
Local Action on Global Warming PDF Print Email this article
Written by Bright Future Staff   
Tuesday, Jul 01, 2008

Over the past century scientists have been tracking average world temperatures to determine if the planet is getting warmer or cooler over time.  These observations have also included data about climate volatility.  The most important goal of this research is to determine if human activities are having an effect on the stability and temperature of our climate.  By the early 90’s most of the evidence indicated that the emissions produced by modern manufacturing, transportation and energy production have begun to alter the earth’s climate by increasing the average global temperature and increasing the volatility of our weather.  This evidence was compelling enough to motivate scientists from all over the world to meet to discuss what each nation can do to slow or reverse this trend.

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Last Updated ( Friday, Jul 18, 2008 )

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