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Cleaner Burning Coal Technologies PDF Print Email this article
Written by Bright Future Staff   
Wednesday, Jun 25, 2008

Problem:  Coal burning power plants produce much of the electricity used in the world today.  The burning of coal releases a variety of pollutants into the air.

Solution:  Modern advances in coal processing, new innovations in how coal is used and improvements in the efficiency of coal burning power plants greatly reduce how much coal is used to produce a watt of electricity and how many emissions are produced from the burning of that coal.

The following article was reprinted from the National Energy Technology Laboratory’s website.  NETL is a division of the US Department of Energy.

Coal Becomes a Future Fuel

Rising high above a reclaimed phosphate strip mine in southern Florida is a preview of coal's future.  Within the gleaming steel towers of Tampa Electric Co.'s Polk Power Station, near Lakeland, Florida, are the latest – and to date, one of the most technologically advanced – of a series of innovations that make the plant one of the cleanest and most efficient coal plants operating anywhere in the world.

Many of these innovations can trace their engineering roots back a quarter century or more. In fact, for much of coal's modern history, technological progress has been defined by efforts to reduce pollutants released when coal is burned.

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