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What is Sustainability? (04.02.2010)
Written by Randy Bisenz  

As the general population becomes more aware of our environmental challenges and the emerging energy crisis certain words have become popular in the media.  Not too many years ago words like sustainable, green or renewable would bring snickers from people who thought the environmental movement and search for alternative energy sources were just hoaxes perpetuated by those with purely political agendas.  Not anymore.  Just about everywhere you look in media and advertising people are talking green and sustainability.

One unfortunate side effect of having meaningful words become marketing buzzwords is that what these words mean and represent is often lost in a barrage of advertising and shallow quasi-news reporting.

The words sustainable and sustainability are powerful words with meaning that reveals great wisdom for the future of humankind.  It is important that we preserve the power of these words to help us understand what we must do to provide a high quality of life in the years ahead.  It would be tragic to be seduced by the spin doctors that because we put a green or sustainable label on something that we are properly addressing our long-term challenges.

Featured Article
Wind Energy in Oregon (02.18.2008)
Written by  

Through this, renewable energy should be a breeze; we’re talking wind energy. Currently Oregon is ranked 8th in the United States for wind energy, contributing 18 million kilowatt-hours of electricity to our power grid, with most of it coming from the Columbia River Gorge. But new technologies are making it possible to not only place wind turbines on the ground but also out at sea and high in the air. Because of this we have classed wind energy into three subdivisions, Land, Offshore, and Airborne.

Out of these, all wind turbines have been known to cause bird fatalities, and land wind turbines can cause erosion during construction. But offshore turbines can create refuges for many marine species and most land turbines are found on existing farmland instead of forest or wildlife ecosystems.

Because of improved technologies wind turbines are becoming surprisingly economic. The cost per kilowatt-hour of electricity can range from 5 to 8 cents making wind energy competitive with fossil fuels. Plus, the property taxes collected from large groups of wind turbines, called wind farms, contributes to county funds, boosting local services including public schools.

It’s not just a bunch of hot air; Oregon still has more room to improve its wind industry, creating local jobs, another important ‘green’ market, and creating a key beneficial Oregon renewable energy source. What do you say? Let’s capture more wind.


Monday, Aug 03, 2015
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